Career Coaching: Know when to hold & when to fold

John had been working as a senior finance professional with a small firm for five years but was very uneasy. He had thoroughly enjoyed the work, and felt respected and challenged in the professional, collegiate environment. However, there had been a change of overall leadership and a new manager appointed to whom he now reported. From the initial meeting he had a sense of his new manager’s duplicitous nature and within weeks it became clear that his intuition was right. John realised he was being undermined and that his professional reputation and competence were at stake.

After a particularly challenging meeting, John’s inclination was to take immediate action and resign, but he knew it was important to make a conscious choice and carefully consider his options; moving toward, rather than allow the situation to trigger him into a reaction that he could potentially regret down the track. Having an impartial and private space to talk through what he was experiencing and how he could support himself during this time was valuable.  John worked with his coach to connect deeply with what was important to him and his purpose.

John quickly realised that his current situation was unsustainable. As well as his natural strengths and transferable skills, he clarified the elements of his ideal role and most importantly, what kind of environment and manager he needed to perform at his best.  With the help of career coaching he uncovered a number of potential roles across 5 sectors.  John worked with his coach to ensure that applications for advertised jobs were tailored and professional.   This enhanced his overall approach and he achieved a strong response to his applications.  Having a structured approach, a good cover letter and CV template saved him time and effort. John built out his network of professional connections and learned a lot about the different options and opportunities. He intends to continue to build these relationships, and a presence in his industry. John is thriving in his new role, working in a team culture of trust, support and growth.