The 3rd Chapter specializes in helping people to navigate major transitions during their working lives, into what is essentially a ‘Third Chapter’. This is that period that comes later in a person’s career, when they are looking for the next step, to change what they’re doing or to find their true calling.

The transition could be a next career role from a different perspective within their organization, or it could result in a move to a new employer. It could be a rethinking of work, and a transition to a different way of working, such as contracting, a portfolio of activities including paid and non-paid. It may involve study, travel, new connections, giving forward, legacy and renewal.

We work with people who need to regroup personally, helping them tap into the core of who they are, heart and mind, to connect them to bring about a pragmatic and sustainable change. People who have worked with us often say that they have a ‘deep knowing that this is their true path’. This deep knowing can result in the energy and confidence to proceed and the transition is navigated more quickly than they would have believed possible.

In a short time I went from confusion to clarify, not just in my head but a keep knowing that I was on the right path for this stage of my career and life.

The rest has come easily, and I have transformed my ideas, my dreams, into reality and now have a portfolio of activities including consulting, training and research. It has been fantastic to work with The 3rd Chapter, they have both the tools and the deep experience to add immense value.”

Senior Executive, Financial Services

As a result of new leadership and business priorities, I found myself no longer part of the Executive team. Wanting to cross the finishing line of my working life with satisfaction, I took the time to find a coach who could help me look within.

I recognized that this chapter of my career was about legacy, giving forward and that I needed to find a new challenge within the business to utilize my years of experience and corporate wisdom. My new role is giving me all of that, I could not recommend Robyn’s services too highly.”

Senior Executive, Professional Services