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Career Coaching: Know when to hold & when to fold

John had been working as a senior finance professional with a small firm for five years but was very uneasy. He had thoroughly enjoyed the work, and felt respected and challenged in the professional, collegiate environment. However, there had been a change of overall leadership and a new manager appointed… Read More

Achieving Clarity and Confidence

Flynn had felt trapped and unfulfilled at work.  His Senior Analyst role at a major bank was no longer providing the job satisfaction he craved and needed to be fulfilled. He had been in his job 5 years and was only sticking it out because of life circumstances, but the… Read More

Redeployment as an opportunity

Chris had been a key member of the Executive team for many years.  However, with a change of leadership had come a restructure and his role had become redundant. As part of the restructure, a new organisational structure was introduced and opportunities existed to apply for the new Corporate Director… Read More

Taking a different approach can pay job dividends

Conventional wisdom is that the job market is dead from early December, companies aren’t hiring and you should suspend your job search until the New Year. This may have been true in the past, but times have changed and if you take this approach you could be setting yourself up… Read More

Can we both have a big career? One family’s choice

Alex and Liz were a dual career family. They had managed the early years of parenthood by taking parental leave in turn, and while life was a juggle, they had managed to keep everything going with two busy pre-schoolers.  However, now with the children in the middle school years, life… Read More

How to create an enlivening portfolio of work

Peter had been working in senior IT contracting roles for more than two decades.  He had a strong skillset and wealth of experience that meant he had survived and thrived through many changes in the business environment.  However, he felt the corporate environment was continuing to change rapidly and this… Read More

How to make a career next step that unleashes your productivity and potential

Ray had been working in senior finance role for five years but felt the corporate environment was changing rapidly, which made him feel very uneasy. He had been treading water in his existing role for quite some time and knew he was capable of adding a lot more value to… Read More

The True Power of Taking Time Out

Have you experienced a time when you know that stress is building up, and you just need time out?  Perhaps you were short with a loved one (human or animal)?  Or you just wanted to run a million miles away from where you were in that moment to find some… Read More

Moving into a new career chapter, to a portfolio of work

Sarah had been working in a senior corporate position for more than 10 years, she’d enjoyed it thoroughly, worked with a great inspirational team, was fortunate enough to get out of the office to work on interesting regional project work and the high salary had been an added bonus. Winds… Read More


I often work with people who say they have been successful and thoroughly enjoyed what they have done in their career so far, but it’s time for a change! Sometimes the ground has shifted at work or in life that’s been a catalyst for change, whether that’s leadership change, organisational… Read More