Achieving Clarity and Confidence

Flynn had felt trapped and unfulfilled at work.  His Senior Analyst role at a major bank was no longer providing the job satisfaction he craved and needed to be fulfilled. He had been in his job 5 years and was only sticking it out because of life circumstances, but the longer he stayed, the harder it was becoming for him to know what he really wanted. There was a sense of inertia and a drop in confidence that made it even harder for him to step out of the rut he was in.

“I sought out a career coach when I’d reached a bit of a crossroads in my career. I’d hit a bit of a lull, and although I was well paid for the work I did, I wasn’t feeling satisfied in my job, and didn’t really feel working in the same company in a similar role would keep me sane.

My Career Coach was recommended by a friend, which helps as when you’re searching online for someone to help or advise you it can be tricky to believe what you‘re reading. What I found enjoyable and useful about the sessions were that they were structured around what I needed – I didn’t feel I was working to a pre-defined schedule. The discussions we had, the exercises we went through and the topics we covered we agreed on together.

I was looking for some guidance on bigger issues around what makes me happy at work, what I’m good at doing, what my priorities in life are, and to try and bring these elements together to help me work out my next steps, and that was what I was able to work on with Robyn.”

It helped that he was open, honest and willing to work through his feelings and desires for his future, even if he wasn’t entirely sure what they were.  He’d buried so much of his innate creative talent that he’d forgotten how important it was to him and how much he could thrive given the right environment.  He realised one session at a time that the crux of his dissatisfaction was that he was a self-starter, a creative, a solutions finder but the business wanted him to work within the strict parameters of ‘this is how we do things around here’.

Flynn had put a personal project on the back burner for years whilst trudging through the daily grind, so I suggested he revive it.  I had a feeling this would inject the creative spark he needed to re-energise his thoughts about his career.

Despite going through a house move, Flynn still found the time and energy to dive full steam into his project.  It had the desired effect.  The more positive feedback he received the more his confidence grew.  I noticed his whole demeanor change.  He became crystal clear about what he wanted in the workplace from now on, and importantly I helped him find the belief in himself that he needed to go for it. When the project he was working on came to an end, he was able to negotiate to work 4 days a week on a new, less intense project, giving him the time to develop his project into an income stream. By the end of our time together we had devised a strong plan that he was 100% committed to, and he was looking forward to moving his career on.