Redeployment as an opportunity

Chris had been a key member of the Executive team for many years.  However, with a change of leadership had come a restructure and his role had become redundant.

As part of the restructure, a new organisational structure was introduced and opportunities existed to apply for the new Corporate Director roles. This was an exciting new era for the organisation and Chris found himself acting in one of the new roles, leading a significant change programme that he was not in control of.  He had responsibility for leading his team through the change and positioning them effectively  in the new structure, as well as leading a number of highly visibile strategic projects.

The organisation provided Career Coaching to support Chris throughout his career transition.  There were a number of options available and Chris sought out a bespoke service that would allow him to connect with his why, explore options, make an informed decision and help him make strategic decisions about his career moving forward.

Chris found the bespoke coaching model provided him with the space to consider his options both within the new organisational structure and externally. Through the coaching Chris had the personal space to talk about how he felt about the change, the personal and professional impact this was having on him and how his leadership skills measured up in his new role.

While he was a seasoned operator, talking with his coach Chris recognised this was an opportunity to further develop his change leadership capability. Chris worked with his coach to build his own change capability, then proactively coached and mentored the leaders in his team. This resulted in a stronger leadership team, improved leadership capability and improvement in performance for the organisation as a whole.

Exploring external opportunities gave Chris a positive focus and enabled him to gain an understanding of where he may find his next step. The space to discuss issues and the development of his capabilities and confidence to step up made him a highly visible positive force in the new organisation.  He became engaged with the strategic aims and goals and applied for and became one of the new Corporate Directors, choosing this as his career progression.