Taking a different approach can pay job dividends

Conventional wisdom is that the job market is dead from early December, companies aren’t hiring and you should suspend your job search until the New Year.

This may have been true in the past, but times have changed and if you take this approach you could be setting yourself up for a much longer and more difficult job search campaign in January.

If you are planning a career transition in 2018, NOW is the time to take action and start building clarity about your approach.  You can begin to research the markets, identify your next steps and get a head start on your competitors to set yourself up for success in January.

The advantages of working towards the next chapter of your career in the coming months are:

  • Many organisations have money in their budgets, and are thinking strategically about resourcing and recruitment in preparation for the New Year
  • Christmas parties and get togethers offer a unique opportunity to connect with professional associations, professional colleagues and easily establish relationships with new ones
  • Much of the competition is backing off their searches and heading to the beach, leaving those actively in the market with greater opportunity

I enjoy ocean swimming in the summer and am planning my calendar for the coming months. Although a seasoned swimmer, I’m going to find buddies to train with and to include some personal training to improve my swimming in preparation for a season of ocean swimming.  I’ll be training from November for the North Bondi Classic in early February.

Making a career transition and finding work you love is not an innate skill, it’s something you have to learn it and most importantly it takes time. Like sport, even if you have been successful in the past, you can benefit from coaching to refine your approach for a new job search campaign.  Coaching helps you challenge yourself to think differently, identify broader career opportunities and to create a next chapter of work.

If you want to be ahead of the game in the New Year, and create a next chapter of enlivening work in 2018, please reach out for a confidential chat.